The Moline Foundation is located in Moline, Illinois. Nestled on the banks of the Mississippi River, Moline’s arts, parks, culture, commerce and industry are alive and well.

But Moline and the surrounding area has another side.

Moline and its region also face the challenges of a major city: illiteracy, poverty, hunger and crime cling to our diverse communities. From the smallest of villages to our largest metropolitan area. A lack of education, access to higher paying jobs, and sustained funding for our non-profit partners plague our brilliant landscape in the Mississippi Valley.

The Moline Foundation was established in 1953 to help strengthen Moline’s non-profit community and encourage local giving to help contend with these critical issues facing the communities in the seven-county region served by The Moline Foundation. We hope that you will join us in our efforts.

In this section you'll learn more about Moline and the surrounding area and see why The Moline Foundation is necessary, timely, and historic.

The Moline Foundation has created a rapid response fund to support the non-profits providing essential services to our Illinois residents of Rock Island, Mercer, Henry, Warren and McDonough Counties. This includes emergency food, basic supplies, primary health care, emergency support for families and seniors, and for the increased operational cost of local non-profits.